Not_as_far_as_to_mean. Written for members of Kamratōn as part of the “Gertrude Stein Miniatures” project.


Bela Bartok: Swineherd’s Dance, arr. Emily Cook

Claude Debussy: Des Pas Sur la Niege, arr. Emily Cook for members of Kamratōn.


Crucible Sounds Record: Cook/Ma by Emily Cook and Dana Malinsky.

“The two sidelong pieces here offer all sorts of ebb and flow; at times Cook and Ma simultaneously retreat from center stage, only to come hurtling back at each other like basketball players attacking a jump ball. Cook’s bass clarinet playing is full and dense, and when Ma cranks up his electronics to match, the pair sound more like an ensemble than a duo. But throughout Cook/Ma, their conversation is paramount, and compelling.”

~ Marc Masters “The Best Experimental Music on Bandcamp: November 2019

Recording session with How Things Are Made.