Emily is available to teach clarinet and piano students of all ages at her studios in Indianapolis and Bloomington, IN.  Please visit Indiana Clarinet Lessons or contact her at cookmusicstudios@gmail.com for more information.

About Emily

Emily holds a bachelor’s degree in Music Education from Lawrence University, as well as a master’s degree and artist diploma in clarinet performance from Duquesne University, where she studied with Ron Samuels of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. Emily plays principal clarinet with the Akron Symphony Orchestra and has also performed with the Pittsburgh, Hartford, Richmond (VA), Johnstown, and Westmoreland Symphonies.  She is active as a chamber musician and an improviser and plays with the jazz ensemble the Afro-Yaqui Music Collective. Emily formerly served as the choir accompanist and pianist at Dutilh United Methodist Church and taught private lessons at the Winchester-Thurston School. Read more about her here.


Teaching Philosophy

Emily approaches each of her students as individuals, and she works to help them reach and exceed their own personal musical goals.  Besides coaching students through the fundamentals and subtleties of playing their  instrument, she strives to help each student grow into “complete” musicians, by exploring the worlds of improvisation and composition, music history and theory, and a variety of musical genres. Emily believes that few experiences can be as valuable to students’ musical and personal development as performing for an audience, and she provides interested students of all levels with opportunities to perform in positive, supportive environments and to share their gifts with the community.

Photo credit: Alisa Innocenti

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